For ‘Blue,’ The Palme d’Or Was Only The Beginning

The film opened to solid revues and strong ticket sales in limited opening runs in New York and Los Angeles and received critical acclaim at recent screenings at the 49th Chicago International Film Festival. The film recieved the unusual distinction of being unanimously voted to win the festival’s prestigious Palme d’Or award. In an unprecedented move, the jury, headed by Steven Spielberg, elected to give the award jointly to the director and the film’s two female stars, Adele Exarchopoulos and and Lea Seydoux, making the actresses the only women besides Jane Campion to have won the festival’s top award. On crafting its announcement, the jury said it was awarding the “three artists” involved in creating the movie, thus elevating the role of actors in the creative process and removing some of the “auteure” snobbery associated with previously limiting the award only to directors. The centerpiece, no-holds-barred pardon the pun lesbian sex scene in the three-hour movie lasts nearly ten minutes. Both actresses are shown in a virtually static, single full-frame, full body shot that records their love-making. It is uninterupted, without any background music or audio, other than the sounds of their physical contact and there is no cutaway to relieve the visual tension. It is a powerful scene that is unrelenting in its brutal honesty. Admittedly titillating for a moment, it does begin to get a bit tedious about five minutes in.

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My initial thoughts on watching the trailer sidestepped the sex in favor of the hair and makeup. Both Lea Seydoux and Adele Exarchopoulos are all about clear, dewy skin, windswept hair, and pouty, kissable lips. Is this mythical French woman real? She is just real as the American bombshell.

Lesbian #Love #Movies #LesbianMovies #BlueIstheWarmestColor PRIDE Contributor. Photo: Getty Images. Last spring Blue is the Warmest Color won the Palme D’Or at Cannes, as did its stars Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos (making them the only women other than Jane Campion to ever win the Palme). The film is nothing short of epic — chronicling a young lesbian’s coming of age while she.

Abdellatif Kechiche, the director of the Palme d’Or winning movie Blue is the Warmest Color, has verbally attacked French newspaper Le Monde, the journalist Aureliano Tonet and even his own lead actress Lea Seydoux in an open letter published on the website Rue Lea Seydoux [L] and Kechiche [C] at the Cannes Film Festival Kechiche begins by attacking the negative stories about his movie that appeared in Le Monde, though focuses much of his ire on Seydoux whom he calls an “arrogant, spoiled child.

The director – whose movie triumphed over various high profile moves in Cannes – goes on to call his actress’s actions “a perverse fraud and manipulation” and adds, “I will come back. It is for her to explain in court. Kechiche’s working regime was first laid out by Tonet in her article for Le Monde, in which she claimed crew-members were alleging long hours and brutal shooting conditions on Blue is the Warmest Color.

In interviews that appeared earlier this year, Seydoux agreed, calling the production “horrible” and asserting that she would never again work with Kechiche. Still, the controversy did not hurt the movie commercially and it sold , tickets in its first week and almost , in its second. Blue is the Warmest Color follows the story of year-old Adele who aspires to become a teacher.

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Article By Editorial Staff Comments From campy to a passionate romance, lesbian movies and films have always been a hot topic for many to watch. While there are a multitude of movies, here are some of the top 10 greatest lesbian-themed movies. S Recruited by the U.

‘Blue Is The Warmest Color’ Director Abdellatif Kechiche Accused of Sexual Assault, Which He ‘Categorically Denies’ Zoë Kravitz Reveals Director Sexually Harassed Her When She Was.

Common Sense is a nonprofit organization. Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. A lot or a little? The parents’ guide to what’s in this movie. Positive messages Be honest with yourself and your loved ones about who you are and what you need to be happy. Don’t cheat on your lover and lie about it; you’ll lose everything. Adele faces some pretty intense peer pressure and homophobia in high school that’s never really resolved except by graduating and moving on.

She makes mistakes, some of which she hasn’t fully recovered from by the end.

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Blue Is the Warmest Color (La Vie d’Adèle – Chapitres 1 & 2) Lea Seydoux Style Adele Exarchopoulos French Actress Adele Photos Blue Is The Warmest Colour Warm Colors Actresses .

Now it is being reported that there was also a movie hacked from the phone. Several sites have published screen shots of a brunette playing with her huge boobs and rubbing her pussy stating that the movie is in fact Kat Dennings. And she chose wisely selecting rolls from the stage to the big screen. But when she made a few playful movies with her lover she never though she would become famous for being the first celebrity to be filmed performing analingus on her very enthusiastic partner!

Lot’s of pussy close ups and a recording of the couple having sex over Skype. She has become the latest victim of a serious breach in privacy. Screenshots from what appear to be two different sex tapes surfaced, according to Page Six. The male with the year-old actress in the two minutes of leaked footage has not been identified. Now she has a dick in her mouth! Some actors get embarrassed when their private films get exposed. Chloe Sevigny just puts it right out there.

Sex Sells…But Have We Gone Too Far?

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The Warmest Color ‘Blue is the Warmest Color’ by Julie Maroh Reviewed by Paige Cohen From Lambda Literary 24 October The long-awaited English translation of Blue is the Warmest (Arsenal Pulp Press), originally published in French as Le bleu est une couleur chaude, is a deeply compelling story, in large part due to its thorough exploration and attention to character.

The Affair — Chloe In this film, a woman Julianne Moore hires an escort Amanda Seyfried to seduce her husband, and then ends up getting seduced herself, culminating in this steamy scene. Seyfried is seriously at her best, and I would apologize that the clip is in a different language, but I doubt anyone even noticed. The chemistry is tangible, and really makes us wish Reese and Ryan could have somehow made it work.

Library Scene — Atonement Nothing is sexier than two immensely attractive people going at it a few rooms down from a huge dinner party. Cecilia and Robbie really were amazing together, and then stupid Briony had to ruin everything with her lies. Well, at least we can watch this scene over and over and over and over again and pretend they ended up together.

This particular scene clocks in at a surprising seven minutes, and features very graphic sex between the two main characters.

Lea Seydoux & Adele Exarchopoulos ‘Blue Is The Warmest Color’ Lesbian Sex Scene Video

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Trans Women of Color In a Theater Near You: ‘Mala Mala’ and ‘Tangerine’ (like director Abdellatif Kechiche with his star in Blue Is The Warmest Color) that had its premiere at Sundance is about trans women of color sex workers and has been getting some surprisingly glowing reviews.

But soon a much less sexy controversy began to emerge. Kechiche shot back angrily, precipitating an ugly back-and-forth media brawl between Kechiche and Seydoux that shows no signs of simmering. May 23 Blue Is the Warmest Color premieres at Cannes, receiving largely rave reviews and a few audience walkouts.

In an unusual move, the festival jury — blown away by the two main performances — decides to split the award between the director and the lead actresses. The three are all hugs and smiles, and for a brief moment it seems that all is well. As she wrote on an English translation on her blog: September 5 At an L. How, when you are adored, when you go up on red carpet, when we receive awards, how we can speak of suffering?

I had no life during this shoot. I have not criticised the director. I’m just complaining about the technique. It was my dream to work with him because, in France, he is one of the best directors.

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Women of Color. Study suggests Black women are more sexually objectified than White women. – Eric W. Dolan. New research provides evidence that Black women are sexually objectified by White people to a greater degree than are White women.

On the Ship thread, there was a photo from the actors in the art museum. I gotta say, boring and wasteful minutes could have been put to much better use. I keep thinking that there are missing pieces to the puzzle of this film on the cutting room floor. What scares me is that the film may truly be missing so much simply because AK did not want it. For instance the lack of any political scene, from the book , regarding gay rights. Please it would,nt have hurt the film for a couple of minutes of political dialogue, just imho.

He wanted it to be a film that everyone could relate to — which as it stands now, it is a film that people can relate to, no matter their sexual orientation.

Blue Is the Warmest Color Break up Scene

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