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Created Feb 10, Ranking 5 Willy Wonka Meme is an absolute classic and an emblem of the sarcasm that memes are born to express. Not only it was one of the first images to become a viral meme around , but it is taken from one of the masterpieces of TV musical genre, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, produced in The protagonist of the musical, Willy Wonka played by Gene Wilder is the incarnation that subtle sarcasm and weirdness that meme culture seeks. One of his most condescending faces has been captured in this image and it is offered now to the large public by Meme Generator. Make your more sarcastic comment over people and situations and let Willy sublimate it with his skeptic view, half creepy smile and staring eyes. If you want to generate a Willy Wonka meme for free, you are in the right place. Remember that all our images are royalty free, so you will be really able to spread it as much as you want! We suggest you to use a rhetorical question on top of the image and your sarcastic remark at the bottom of it:

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I always thought that in general, college was the stepping stone to prepare you for your professional life. But something has happened to the game of football. Over the past decade, the game of college football has evolved a great deal. Gone are the safe, conservative traditional offenses of years past.

Present day college football features offenses so far removed from what they can expect in the professional ranks it begs the question

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Dating an older woman is a beautiful encounter in which wisdom and exuberance trade their best portions in a shabby Motel 6. Just The Facts Some people find the term “cougar” offensive and would prefer the original nomenclature: While young men have always sought no-strings sex with ladies who can pay for their own meal, older women only recently took advantage, or at least stopped doing it covertly.

Dating can be hard enough as is, which is why a little help is sometimes necessary. This list features funny memes, jokes, phrases, and references from both film and television.

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Mobile phone dating site meme The dating mobile phone dating site meme social site for Disney, Sitte Wars, and Marvel fans. Download it today to make meaningful connections with real people.

Lauren Rojas, a year-old in Antioch, California, decided to send a Hello Kitty “catonaut” nearly , feet into space, with a high-altitude balloon, and to record the results.

Hot dog and a six-pack is their seven-course meal. The only social life known of is to post and talk on the net. Flames like a monster and speaks like a pussycat. No morning kisses and no evening walks. No matter how hard you cry and how loud you yell, he just sits there calmly discussing your emotion in terms of mathematical logic.

Only listens to classic rock. Hates everything from Bach to Prince. Touches his car more often than you. Can’t leave that damn pencil off his ear for a minute.

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Apr 10, 2: Shocking footage from a Sunday, April 9 United Airlines flight shows an Asian man, identified as year-old grandfather and doctor David Dao, being forcibly dragged off of a plane after refusing to volunteer to give up his seat for company employees. The video, posted by Audra D. Sunday, shows three men wearing radio equipment and security jackets speaking to a man, who said he was a doctor, seated on the plane.

A few seconds into the second clip, one of the men grabs the passenger, who yells, and drags him toward the front of the plane. Attorneys for Dao said that he suffered a concussion, broken nose and lost two teeth as a result of the incident.

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Today we look at some of the funniest relationship memes we could find on the internet. Funny relationship memes Being in a relationship is a huge ego-booster according to this meme! Being in a relationship is amazing. This is relationship goals! This relationship meme is sure to make even the hardest of hearts crave a relationship!

Being in a relationship means being able to fully show yourself to the person that you are in a relationship with. Being in a relationship is not just about having similar interests. After all, we want to be loved.

25 hilariously unexplainable images. #19 made my day, LOL!

Funny Online Dating Memes The term derives from the humoral medicine of the ancient Greeks, which taught that the balance of fluids in the human body, known as humours Latin:. The President smiling after his reelection, often credited to the Republicans. As with any art form, the acceptance of a particular style or incidence of humour depends on sociological factors and varies from person to person.

It is regarded by many as an enjoyable and positive experience, so it would be reasonable to assume that it humour might have some positive physiological effects on the body.

EVERYTHING-GHANA. everything-ghana. man i havent been on this tumblr in a bit. i grew out of it. its sad. im scared to delete it in a way because i feel this was a master piece. like i did THAT. i just dont get time to get on tumblr as much plus there were a lot of toxic things here that affected me mentally and spiritually i guess? i thought about passing down this tumblr but i think i wont.

You’re definitely not alone! If you’re scratching your head wondering what the heck a bitcoin is, you’re not alone. This virtual currency has been a controversial subject since it started in , but a lot of folks still don’t quite understand how it works. So, what is a bitcoin? Think about it this way Imagine I have one cookie in my hand and I give it to you. You now have one cookie, and I have zero.

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